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The Premium Cask Whisky
Investment For 2023

Secure your family's financial future with a tangible asset that appreciates in value over time... regardless.

Why Whisky? Why Casks?

Whisky is sold in over two hundred markets worldwide. Global demand continues to rise beyond all expectations, and the number of aged casks continues to diminish with only 15% of the Whisky being 5 years or older. Whilst this is bad news for consumers and distillers, it means the value of casks is growing dramatically which is certainly good news for owning a cask.

Unlike the volatile market of bottled Whisky, casks have proven a much safer consideration. Spirit Traders isn’t just selling you bulk litres of alcohol or a share in a cask, we sell you the cask in its entirety which affords you the comfort of numerous exit strategies. This also means that your holding is more secure as you are not waiting for a single bottle to spike in value, but instead simply maturing the raw materials until you’re ready to realise your return.

Three Key Benefits of Investing In Cask Whisky

56% Projected Return
In Three Years

Purchasing casks from distilleries and storing them in bond is a great way to watch your money grow over time.

Realise Your Assets in 48hrs – Guaranteed Exit Strategy

When it is time sell - we will look to our
network of trusted buyers to realise your
asset within 48 hours.

Exempt From
HMRC Capital Gains Tax

A wasting asset is an asset with a predictable life of 50 years or less. Any gain on the disposal of a chattel is exempt from Capital Gains Tax.

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