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Princetown ‘Duchy’ Distillery in association with Spirit Traders

A rare opportunity to own Princetown Distillers first release casks of Premium Single Malt Whisky

Limited Edition Prices

Fewer than 600 Limited edition casks are available.
Even at entry level of £4,900, you are acquiring a premium Single Malt for less than £10 a bottle in the barrel. Equivalent Whisky is sold at maturation for £125! After retail margins, taxes, bottling and transport costs… that’s a profit of 500%!

Princetown Distillery:
A Royal Investment

In association with Spirit Traders for this exclusive offer we invite a limited number of investors to acquire up to three of only 600 casks that will be set to lay in 2020.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and a chance to own a “drop of history” whilst also generating excellent, capital gains tax exempt profits – in your Princetown Exclusive Investor Pack

Cask Numbers 1-10
£75,000 per Cask (4 available)
Cask Numbers 10-99
£29,500 per Cask (47 available)
Cask Numbers 102-150
£21,000 per Cask (8 available)
Cask Numbers 200-249
£15,000 per Cask (17 available)
Cask Numbers 300-399
£7,500 per Cask (52 available)
Cask Numbers 400-600
£4,900 per Cask (132 available)

All casks have an acquisition charge of £75. Monies are paid directly to Princetown distillery.

Value By Association – Adding value to your investment

The producers, Princetown Distillers, Landowners Duchy of Cornwall and exclusive agents Spirit Traders, are specialists in premium Single Malt Whisky. A rare opportunity to own Princetown Distillers first release and limited edition casks of Premium Single Malt Whisky

Royal Seal

Up to 350 bottles of Single Malt will be made from your cask – each will have a royal seal for duty paid – unique to Princetown.

A Quality Whisky

A bottle of Whisky produced from a cask that was signed by HRH is now available for £1,400!

A Master Distiller

David Macdonald has produced premium brands, for various distilleries and brands owned by Diageo.

Duchy Land

His Royal Highness Prince Charles is renowned for his love of quality Single Malt Whisky.

English Whisky

A bottle of “below par” from an English distillery’ “jubilee edition” sells for £125 a bottle or £143 per litre.

Cask Options

Choose from either an Ex-Sherry Hogshead, New American Oak or First Fill Bourbon cask.

Your Investment Specialist for New Fill Scotch Whisky

Welcome to the lucrative world of trading Scottish Single Malt Whisky!

Our focus is purely doing one thing and doing it right… and then repeating that process. This involves the first stage of buying a branded New Fill Single Malt and selling it to market in 3 years – we rely on time, a 500-year-old industry and a secondary market that now exports more than £1 billion pounds worth of Scottish Single Malts every year.

Spirit Traders specialise in the buying and selling of Hogsheads and Butts of branded Single Malt Whisky from Scotland. We are a commission-based business that derives income from the buying and selling of Single Malts and heavily focused on ensuring that every acquisition is registered, insured and stored securely on behalf of our clients. That’s the foundation of our business.

We are entrusted to arrange storage and insurance by virtually all our clients, who know ‘exactly’ where their investments are stored and that it is totally safe and secure, which is just as important as the investment itself.

How Whisky Investment Works

Owning casks gives you complete control of your Whisky portfolio and our range of exit strategies allow you flexibility within the marketplace. Whether you are purely looking for a vehicle to make tax free returns or you are a Whisky enthusiast, Spirit Traders are here to unlock your perception of the possibilities of Single Malt Scotch.

Store it

Your Whisky Market Partner will design a bespoke portfolio catering to your specific needs…

Trade It

Once our mutually agreed hold period is up, Spirit Traders can trade your cask…

Bottle It

Spirit Traders provides a bottling service for those looking to stimulate their taste buds as well as their portfolios…

Why Whisky? Why Casks?

Scotch Whisky can only be distilled and matured in one country, yet it is sold in over two hundred markets worldwide. Global demand continues to rise beyond all expectations, and the number of aged casks in Scotland continues to diminish with only 15% of the Whisky being 5 years or older. Whilst this is bad news for consumers and distillers, it means the value of casks is growing dramatically which is certainly good news for owning a cask.

Unlike the volatile market of bottled Whisky, casks have proven a much safer consideration. Spirit Traders isn’t just selling you bulk litres of alcohol or a share in a cask, we sell you the cask in its entirety which affords you the comfort of numerous exit strategies. This also means that your holding is more secure as you are not waiting for a single bottle to spike in value, but instead simply maturing the raw materials until you’re ready to realise your return.

Disclaimer: Any person accessing the email and considering potential investment opportunities featured on the email should make their own commercial assessment of an investment opportunity after seeking the advice of an appropriately authorised or regulated financial advisor. This email should not be construed as advice or a personal recommendation to any prospective investor. * You are acquiring a premium Single Malt for less than £10 a bottle in the barrel, with an existing equivalent price today of £125. After retail margins, taxes, bottling and transport costs… that’s a profit of 500%.

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